Four Seasons on Twitter (GRADED BLOG POST)

Twitter, a place where companies and individuals can broadcast they’re up-to-the-minute news to the world. Your presence on twitter is as important as face-to-face networking. Four Seasons Hotels has realized this importance and is on track with social media presence. The hotel post a couple times every day. Of the first 50 tweets on their account, a vast majority of them where retweets from happy FS patrons. Coming in at 96% of their tweets, Four Seasons dedicates most of their tweets to interacting with there customers. I really enjoyed the personal feel I got from the way that Four Seasons responds to their customer’s tweets. Some examples of this are:

Four Seasons Hotels@FourSeasons

Aww, thanks! RT @moelvere The best hotel in town (@FSSanFrancisco)

Four Seasons Hotels@FourSeasons15 Oct

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed your time w us. RT @Fay__Allen Afternoon tea @FourSeasons was amazing & @MadameTussauds! #greatday @JuliaMichelleS

Fourseasons Hotels@FourSeasons15 Oct

Sounds like you had a great time @FSMiami 🙂 MT @CathyCantLoss I’m chilling in tha hotel all day? ! I’m oh~so spoiled. @FourSeasons

The other 4% are updates and advertisements usually with links to other social media site they use. I noted a few from Instagram, Pintrest, and Four Seasons Magazine.

Although Four Seasons is doing an awesome job with keeping up with tweeting and keeping an open line of communication with their customers, they like most things are not air tight. There are two areas in which they have opportunity for improvement. One thing that I noticed is that the most successful twitter accounts have a multitude of links posted in their content on twitter. While Four Seasons has some, it should consider making more of it’s tweets links to relevant and interesting content.



One response to “Four Seasons on Twitter (GRADED BLOG POST)

  1. I believe that their idea of Retweeting posts from satisfied consumers is a good way to promote the brand and to create interest among a new audience.
    The fact that the company interacts with: Instagram, Pintrest, and Four Seasons Magazine is also a good way to vary the style of posts and to motivate the consumer to look at them.
    Overall, Four Seasons Hotel does a good job on Twitter by creating two-way types of communication (not specifically a conversation) with the consumer and by changing up by making use of some other popular websites.

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