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When running a company in today’s age there are many different aspects of operation that you want to become efficient in to become successful. Marketing is one of them. In today’s world, the meaning of having the most effective marketing plan you can have is a little different. There are a plethora of mediums to be used when attempting to reach your target market in 2013. Social media’s popularity makes it one of the most rapidly growing networking options. This is awesome news for marketers.

An effective way to build brand loyalty and increase the probability for the pass of good word of mouth to potential customers is building a brand community. Companies like Harley Davidson and Apple have done outstanding jobs of setting them selves and customers apart from the competition. While the aforementioned might have very strong communities, they aren’t the only ones. I was tasked to look into what Four Seasons hotel is doing to position themselves as not only a brand but a community. What I found took some piecing together but will prove to support Four Seasons as a community according to Patrick Hanlon’s theory on primal branding.

Four Seasons hotel was founded by Isadore Sharp 1960. “Izzy” was from Toronto, Canada and started out as an architect who designed a successful hotel design for a friend which motivated him to start one himself. With humble beginnings as a motel, Fours Seasons believed that the greatest luxury is the luxury of time. Izzy made sure that his company was a company with a culture to stand out. “We really care about generating ideas to improve hospitality for guests,” says their former CEO, Kathleen Taylor. Their creed, above all else, is to provide an essential service to travelers so that they can be sure that their time and travel dollars, whether for business or pleasure, is spent wisely.

Four Seasons prides themselves on having a logo that is unmistakeable their own. Branding that immediately identifies your organization serves the crucial need to stand out. Being your own also means that everything you do will also be exclusive you and your company. Four Season’s competition will have to find building designs, scents, uniforms, dining practices, and overall experiences that are different for them to succeed. If not the originator will surely outshine any copy. This provides the competition with an added challenge and leaves Four Seasons at an advantage.

24 hour room service, 1 hour pressing, over night shoe shine, in-room amenities, and being the first hotel to put shampoo in the room are all Four Season’s claim to fame. This hotel proved it has a handle on innovation when they dedicated themselves to becoming leaders in hospitality. These “rituals” defiantly will make customers know that anyplace else just wont be the same.

“Hire first for attitude then for skill,” is the motto of the former CEO. These words are among the many that make up the language of Four Seasons. Guest is another altho many of us may find that to be common among hotels. Referring to your patrons as guests gives them an added sense of being wanted and, therefore, builds there likeliness to return.

Who does Four Seasons Hotel want to separate themselves from?

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation

As recent as 9/23/13 the leadership role at Four Seasons has shifted from Kathleen Taylor to Allen Smith. Smith has served as CEO of Prudential Real Estate Investors (PREI), one of the world’s largest real estate investment managers, since 2008. Under his leadership, PREI expanded its global presence, which today consists of 23 offices worldwide and USD 53 billion in real estate assets under management, including many hotels. Over the course of his career with Prudential, his responsibilities expanded beyond hotel investing to include all commercial property types and all facets of the real estate investment business including strategic planning, organizational development, capital partner relations, portfolio management, corporate finance and business operations.

Four Seasons CEO changes

In conclusion, having all that I have covered in this blog is constructive to your brand. To tie it in with social media and create a community is even better. In this day and age it is imperative that all budding entrepreneurs know the basics of marketing and what steps they need to take to have successful marketing plans. For businesses large an small brand communities is how you let your brand work for you!



One response to “Four Seasons Brand Community (Graded Blog)

  1. Four Seasons strategy is very smart and it applies extremely well specifically to the hotels and resorts industry. Their innovations provide an aspect of differentiation against competitors and they serve as a motivation for consumers to come back. The experience that people have when using their locations is vital to the success of the business!

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