– Behind the scenes (GRADED BLOG)

I took a look into the statistics of to see just how efficient it is. What I found may change how you look at the company and as marketing students, hopefully inspire you to want to help. It has for me.

According to, Quantcast, and Alexa: experienced 3,187,490 visitors over the past year averaging 265,624 visitors per month. This past June Four Seasons saw a higher than average traffic of 276,467 which, in a month’s time dropped to 247,334 and is slowly climbing upward. By the end of August there were 254,206 visitors looking into buying a hotel room with Four Seasons. This has an obvious correlation with summer vacation and needing a hotel room while away from home. This site ranks with Compete, Quantcast, and Alexa respectively at 8,252; 7,804; and 10,095 (global rank) / 4,284 (U.S. Rank). The three analyzing sites must have different grading criteria. But still the message is clear that a company that probably gains and loses most of its clientele over their website should aim to be higher ranked. has a wide variety of users to their website. If you look into some of their KPIs you will find some interesting facts. This hotel’s strongest group of visitors are females that have completed graduate school. These women are looking to get away while they are at work. This may be a product of a females propensity to plan ahead and shop around. Although 41% of visitors are from America, Fourseasons has gotten attention from users in India,United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand, Mexico, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, and Singapore. About 30% of visitors come from a search. Visitors are typing in keywords like Four Seasons, Bora Bora, Four Seasons Serengeti, Four Seasons Jobs, and Four Seasons Seychelles. Visiros usually stop by and check out the subdomains,,,, and 76% of websites have a faster load up time than Four Season’s 2.797 seconds. Of its competitors, including:,,,, and; ranks second to last by at least 3,000 ranking points in the US. It does, however, beat the last place website by 3,000 ranking spots. With a bounce rate of 39.30%, Four Seasons has left their website with some room for improvement.

Having an effective web presence is crucial to be successful in today’s age. With everything being automated and made more convenient, to be at your customer’s fingertips is absolutely necessary. It’s not enough, however to just “be there.” When entering the world of internet or social media marketing there are steps you want to ensure you do not skip. Testing is one of them. Usability tests are pivotal when starting a website because they will dictate how successful your website will be. I suggest that Four Seasons hotel revisit usability tests to maybe better compete with its competitors.



One response to “ – Behind the scenes (GRADED BLOG)

  1. Surprisingly, I have never heard of this Hotel before and I am happy to be introduced to it! The website looks nice and it was attractive to me. As a person who was previously unaware of the brand, I developed more interest and confidence by seeing the many locations of the Hotel around the world. Obviously, the competition in this industry is very high and it is hard to find a point of differentiation; however, from now on, I will keep Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in mind when planning my next trip!

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