CVS Card Program (Graded Blog Post)


When signing up for a CVS card, they request you give them your full name, address, phone number, birthday, gender and language.

I like how they are able to get pertinent information that can seriously help them out when marketing while not asking for too much information. They ask for basic information, information you would expect on this type of application, but they also ask for additional information that will help them. They do realize that asking for a birthday and a phone number just for a CVS card may raise some eyebrows, so they have explanations under them. Phone number just in case you forget your card before a trip to CVS and birthday for special offers surrounding the date.

CVS is going to use this collection of information about their customers to send mailers with offers directly to their homes. They will also know what products are popular in a specific area among what age and gender of individuals. This is information that will be very useful when CVS wants to sell more Axe body spray to 12-14 year old boys in teaneck.


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